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Conscious Mindz

Community Smilez


Conscious Mindz created community smilez for the education, health, and wellness of the community. We operate under a

good-neighbor policy and serve as an active member of the local community ensuring the continued success of establishments in Oakland. While building a stronger community through health, wealth and respect. We seek to enhance the lives of our patients and members of our community by creating living wage jobs, supporting beautification programs to improve public spaces, and supporting local organizations through awareness, fundraising and volunteering.


We will participate in the volunteer program of adopt-a-spot program:


o​Planting/ Pruning /Weeding

o Remover of litter and graffiti within 48 hours

o Keeping storm drains free of debris

o Neighborhood beautification.

o Increasing access to healthy food.

o Homelessness assistance.



Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic Shelter in Place order issued by California, and in the interest of keeping our community safe and well during this time,


There are a variety of ways cannabis companies can give back to their communities, ranging from providing volunteer time for events and projects to collecting food donations.

Food Drive

Hunger and food insecurity are real problems facing more Americans than many realize. Hunger is felt year-round and there’s never a bad time to collect food to donate to shelters and other distribution points. Therefore Conscious Mindz collects food donations to help members of the community.

You can incentivize your customers to donate by offering prizes or discounts for those who give the most food.

Community Beautification Projects 

One of the simplest ways to make a big impact is to help keep our neighborhood clean and free from harmful litter and debris. CMZ will also partner up with the City of Oakland public works and Trees For Oakland to plant trees, establishing a community garden or painting a mural.

CMZ Community Giving

CMZ will donate a percentage of our sales to 3 particularcharities. 

Community Smilez Back - gives them a choice of which charity they’d like a percentage of their purchase to go toward. (Sickle Cell Anemia, Alzheimer’s Disease or Breast Cancer)

CMZ’s “Community Smilez Back” is a program that gives their customers a choice between three local non-profits that they’d like their purchase to help support. 

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