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About Us

Conscious Mindz Cannabis Wellness (CMZ)  is a unity conscious Micro Cannabis Company consisting of (Delivery, Distribution & Manufacturing), founded in Oakland, California to bring forth awareness and provide a positive impact to the community & environment while helping marginalized individuals.



Our objective is to provide access to the power of the plant for each of our members, through  a delivery experience that is convenient, informative, reliable, and safe. Positively impacting our community and environment through health, wealth, and education.




Our Goals

Speedy, Reliable & Safe Delivery Times/ Low Prices/ Multiple Product Options/ Knowledgeable Employees/ Excellent Customer Service / Tested & Compliant Products


Our Purpose/ Vision

Community Empowerment

Selling Equity Products

Community Hiring Opportunities

Educating the Community on the Benefits of Cannabis 

Conscious Awareness – Mind, Body, Soul, Community & Environment

Community Engagement

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